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What Is the Best Way To Clean A Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floors can accumulate too much dirt and substances stick to them over time if they are not cleaned in a proper way. To maintain the beauty of hardwood floors, regular cleaning must be done on them. With different ways to clean hardwood floors, only the best way can guarantee better results, keeping your hardwood spotless and properly maintained by applying the right products. Here is the best way to clean a hardwood floor.

1.    Test the finish of your floor

The first step involves testing the finish of your hardwood floor. There are two different finishes that are commonly used on hardwood floors.

Surface finishes

Surface finishes like urethane and polyurethane are clear and form a protective waterproofing layer. If your floor has surface finishes, it is safe for you to clean it with water and water-based products.

To check whether your hardwood floor has a surface finishing, you can scrape off some small part of the finish in a hidden area of your floor to see if it is clear.

If the finish is not a clear material, then it could be a penetrating finish.

Penetrating finish

Penetrating finish like the tung oil soaks on hardwood floors before the wax is applied to them. Such surfaces can absorb water, so it is advisable to use solvent-based products when cleaning such floors.

Remove Dust from the floor

Remove dust either by dry mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming. This removes any light dust that has settled on the hardwood floors and accumulated for some time.

When vacuuming, move your cleaning equipment from one side of the room to another, paying close attention to the joints where the wood boards are connecting.

Scrape off food stains

In case you are seeing food stains on the surface of the hardwood floor, use a knife to reach the edge of the debris and gently remove it by sliding the knife upwards.

Now, clean the spot by rubbing a clean wet cloth on it and dry the area by passing a piece of dry cloth. If your floor has a penetrating finish, apply some solvent-based floor wax in case it gets stripped off.

Remove water, ink, and other stains

When other stains are still left on your hardwood floor, they could be the most stubborn ones. Water stains, ink, and pet urine are some of the most stubborn stains that can be hard to remove.

If your floor has a penetrating finish, use sandpaper to lightly sand the stain and then scrub using steel wool dipped in spirit. Wipe away the spirit with a wet cloth and dry the area with a dry piece of cloth.

Apply solvent-based wax in the area after you are done.

How to clean oil stains

Oil stains on hardwood floors can easily be removed on the surface by applying Trisodium phosphate (TSP). Wear gloves and protective glasses and dilute two tablespoons of the chemical in a gallon of warm water. Using a piece of cloth, dip its tip into the solution and gently rub on the stain to dissolve the oil. Use a piece of wet cloth to clean the TSP and dry with a clean cloth.

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How Do Kids Cause Damage To The Walls?

Wall damages are unavoidable, especially for homes with kids. Kids can puncture walls or draw on them intentionally or sometimes unintentionally. Despite damaging walls, they also cause other damages.  But all in all, we can train them not to cause such destructions. Let’s see various ways in which kids can cause damage to the walls.

Drawings, Paintings, and Markings

Sometimes kids can retort to making markings or painting walls. For toddlers and smaller kids, they could draw out of pure innocence just for fun. Kids see walls as open canvasses for drawings. It is a stage for all toddlers.

Make sure to buy washable markers and provide kids with alternative drawing spaces to boost their creativity. A chalkboard wall or easel can be a good alternative. Parents should also keep sharp objects away from children’s reach. 

Punctures and Holes on Walls

During their playtime, children may sometimes engage in games that may cause damage. Older children may also destroy the walls as a venting mechanism.

When your kids feel sad, they will bring it out somehow; this gets hard for adolescents who think they should let it out physically. Parents should teach children how to control themselves and let them express themselves in better ways. For small children, prohibit games that could turn out to be destructive.

Wallpaper tear and defacing

People with kids are usually skeptical about installing wallpapers in their homes. It can be challenging to control a young kid from destroying the wallpaper since they find it exciting. However, you can opt to place colorful cardboards on the wall and instill in them the need to use them.

How to prevent kids from damaging walls

Talk to the children, especially the older ones, and let them know the importance of maintaining the walls and any other appliance at home.

Provide materials for their paintings and tell them that a piece of paper or pad is the right place for drawings.

Put away all sharp objects from their reach and even form barriers where toddlers cannot access such instruments.

Get children wallpapers that can be drawn own and quickly rubbed with a piece of clothing. Then let them know to differentiate the wall decor and their drawing place.

Make kids accountable for their actions. They should understand that it is wrong to puncture or mark walls.

Get Wall Repair Services

Have your children ruined havoc in your home and caused damage in your house? You will need assistance from a professional to fix the wall.

Skyline Drywall Repair Service is a top-rated contractor for all your wall repairs in Washington, DC. They provide services such as house painting, drywall installation, and drywall patching.


Wall damages are inevitable for homes with kids; however, you can teach kids to take care of their houses with proper measures. But since accidents are deemed to occur, getting a professional’s help to repair significant wall damages is essential. While there are some that we can fix on our own, others require professional assistance.

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Techniques To Gain Extra Space In The Closet

There is never enough closet space. That is because we are used to filing any little room in the closet. Since we always have too much stuff to store, we have to come up with ways of maximizing the available space.

If you are running out of storage, you do not have to buy a new closet. Here are simple techniques that will help to gain extra space.

Double the hanging rods

A double hanger will transform your hanging space more than you have ever thought. An extra hanging rod will provide more room to hang your clothes. Folded clothes use more closet space, unlike hanging, which allows for more clothes. 

Use shelf dividers

Dividers help in ensuring that clothes do not topple over when piled. They divide the cabinets into little cubes for easier storage. They hold the clothes intact. You can stack high piles without the worry of collapsing.

Use door hooks and hangers

Put hooks over the inside of the closet doors to create space for hanging handbags, belts, and scarves. Closets with two doors that open up are the best for this type of organizing.

Fold clothes in the proper way

Folding clothes compactly and neatly frees up a lot of space wasted if they are not well folded. It also makes picking a particular cloth easier.

Use  dressers

Dresses can come in handy, especially when storing small pieces that are hard to organize. Pick dressers that are not extra long so that it does not take up your hanging space.

Use the floor of the closet for storage

The floor of the closet can be used as additional storage. Consider moving the shoes and placing them in a rack, then divide the floor into extra cabinets.

Declutter clothes

Sometimes we fill up the closets with clothes which we do not wear. Putting away these extra clothes creates room for the ones you wear often. You may want to store small garments that no longer fit because of your size aspirations. However, you will need to put them away to get space for the clothes that you wear. You could swap later once you achieve your goals. 

Hang clothes according to their length sizes

Arrange hanged clothes depending on their length sizes. That’s because longer clothes may hinder you from accessing stacked clothes in the closet. Organizing these clothes in order allows you to pick clothes easily and also creates more storage room beneath them.

Use undershelf baskets

They are small baskets that slip correctly on the closet shelves. They are the best storage space for socks, belts, and other little things that are not easy to arrange on the shelves.


There are so many ways to create additional space and maximize the current closet space that you have. Buying a new closet is not always the best solution since you will need extra space to store it. With these simple techniques, your organization game will be top-notch. Try them and enjoy a neat closet.

Value of Bathroom Renovation Before Selling the House

Homeowners see house renovation as a necessity before putting their house for sale. Every time a house renovation is done it is mainly for two purposes; to add value to the property or make the space appealing. However, not all upgrades will raise the house value to allow a homeowner to break even on the costs.

How are bathroom renovations valuable? Reports by the National Association R show that bathroom renovations are upscaling. Whether a  bathroom upgrade is viable will entirely depend on the view of the buyer. Here is the value of bathroom renovation before selling the house.

The Bathroom Upgrade Joy Score

House value is majorly attributed to the amount of money it would cost. However, it is difficult to discount the joy score. The joy score refers to the satisfaction feeling that a homeowner gets once they have a more pleasing space. NAR reports say that a joy score for bathroom renovation is 9.6 for both the homeowner and the professional who does the remodeling. This report shows that there is more to bathroom renovation than increasing the home’s price.

Bathroom Renovation Increases the House Value

A well-remodeled bathroom lures a buyer into buying a house. Everyone wants an appealing space with well-finished basements. Buyers are also specific to the number of bathrooms they wish to have, especially for larger families. Therefore,  while renovating the bathroom, consider what type of buyer would buy the house and incorporate their remodel design needs.

A homeowner is likely to recoup about 50% of the upgrade costs if appropriately tackled.

The significant issues to look into while renovating a bathroom include; updating worn-out items, creating more functional toilets, and modernizing fixtures.  Remodeling a bathroom is always the best idea for increasing the cost of your home. They attract many potential buyers to the house.

bathroom renovation

High Functionality

Bathrooms are usually more prone to damages than any other part of a house. Renovating bathrooms ensure that they are highly functional and meet the required needs. When marketing your home, you are confident that it is well maintained. Additionally, include more technology on the designs depending on the buyer’s needs to lure them easily.

Appealing to Attract Buyers

Outdated bathrooms with faded colours will put off a potential buyer. Bathrooms form the core of every home, and thus it is essential to renovate these spaces. Simple renovations like wall paintings and shelf tops furnishing make the bathrooms beautiful and attractive. Some buyers are not looking for complicated designs, so it is necessary to keep the bathroom low-key, avoid spending too much on the renovation.


A bathroom renovation is necessary and valuable in selling a house easily, fast, and at the best prices. Consider getting professional help to upgrade your bathroom and land the best selling deals. You will ultimately get the best results from a remodeled bathroom and increase your joy score as the homeowner. Also, make sure to do enough research before settling on what renovations to put in place.