Wall damages are unavoidable, especially for homes with kids. Kids can puncture walls or draw on them intentionally or sometimes unintentionally. Despite damaging walls, they also cause other damages.  But all in all, we can train them not to cause such destructions. Let’s see various ways in which kids can cause damage to the walls.

Drawings, Paintings, and Markings

Sometimes kids can retort to making markings or painting walls. For toddlers and smaller kids, they could draw out of pure innocence just for fun. Kids see walls as open canvasses for drawings. It is a stage for all toddlers.

Make sure to buy washable markers and provide kids with alternative drawing spaces to boost their creativity. A chalkboard wall or easel can be a good alternative. Parents should also keep sharp objects away from children’s reach. 

Punctures and Holes on Walls

During their playtime, children may sometimes engage in games that may cause damage. Older children may also destroy the walls as a venting mechanism.

When your kids feel sad, they will bring it out somehow; this gets hard for adolescents who think they should let it out physically. Parents should teach children how to control themselves and let them express themselves in better ways. For small children, prohibit games that could turn out to be destructive.

Wallpaper tear and defacing

People with kids are usually skeptical about installing wallpapers in their homes. It can be challenging to control a young kid from destroying the wallpaper since they find it exciting. However, you can opt to place colorful cardboards on the wall and instill in them the need to use them.

How to prevent kids from damaging walls

Talk to the children, especially the older ones, and let them know the importance of maintaining the walls and any other appliance at home.

Provide materials for their paintings and tell them that a piece of paper or pad is the right place for drawings.

Put away all sharp objects from their reach and even form barriers where toddlers cannot access such instruments.

Get children wallpapers that can be drawn own and quickly rubbed with a piece of clothing. Then let them know to differentiate the wall decor and their drawing place.

Make kids accountable for their actions. They should understand that it is wrong to puncture or mark walls.

Get Wall Repair Services

Have your children ruined havoc in your home and caused damage in your house? You will need assistance from a professional to fix the wall.

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Wall damages are inevitable for homes with kids; however, you can teach kids to take care of their houses with proper measures. But since accidents are deemed to occur, getting a professional’s help to repair significant wall damages is essential. While there are some that we can fix on our own, others require professional assistance.