Homeowners see house renovation as a necessity before putting their house for sale. Every time a house renovation is done it is mainly for two purposes; to add value to the property or make the space appealing. However, not all upgrades will raise the house value to allow a homeowner to break even on the costs.

How are bathroom renovations valuable? Reports by the National Association R show that bathroom renovations are upscaling. Whether a  bathroom upgrade is viable will entirely depend on the view of the buyer. Here is the value of bathroom renovation before selling the house.

The Bathroom Upgrade Joy Score

House value is majorly attributed to the amount of money it would cost. However, it is difficult to discount the joy score. The joy score refers to the satisfaction feeling that a homeowner gets once they have a more pleasing space. NAR reports say that a joy score for bathroom renovation is 9.6 for both the homeowner and the professional who does the remodeling. This report shows that there is more to bathroom renovation than increasing the home’s price.

Bathroom Renovation Increases the House Value

A well-remodeled bathroom lures a buyer into buying a house. Everyone wants an appealing space with well-finished basements. Buyers are also specific to the number of bathrooms they wish to have, especially for larger families. Therefore,  while renovating the bathroom, consider what type of buyer would buy the house and incorporate their remodel design needs.

A homeowner is likely to recoup about 50% of the upgrade costs if appropriately tackled.

The significant issues to look into while renovating a bathroom include; updating worn-out items, creating more functional toilets, and modernizing fixtures.  Remodeling a bathroom is always the best idea for increasing the cost of your home. They attract many potential buyers to the house.

bathroom renovation

High Functionality

Bathrooms are usually more prone to damages than any other part of a house. Renovating bathrooms ensure that they are highly functional and meet the required needs. When marketing your home, you are confident that it is well maintained. Additionally, include more technology on the designs depending on the buyer’s needs to lure them easily.

Appealing to Attract Buyers

Outdated bathrooms with faded colours will put off a potential buyer. Bathrooms form the core of every home, and thus it is essential to renovate these spaces. Simple renovations like wall paintings and shelf tops furnishing make the bathrooms beautiful and attractive. Some buyers are not looking for complicated designs, so it is necessary to keep the bathroom low-key, avoid spending too much on the renovation.


A bathroom renovation is necessary and valuable in selling a house easily, fast, and at the best prices. Consider getting professional help to upgrade your bathroom and land the best selling deals. You will ultimately get the best results from a remodeled bathroom and increase your joy score as the homeowner. Also, make sure to do enough research before settling on what renovations to put in place.